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GoFreelance Logo Why use a Freelancer?
Are you looking for a way to save time and money, and reduce hassles and overheads, while getting high quality work done for your business? If so, you should be hiring a freelancer instead of a full time employee, or using an outsourcing company!
These are some of the benefits you can get from working with a freelancer.
Flexibility. You can hire a freelancer for a specific project, task, or duration, without committing to a long-term contract or paying for benefits. You can also adjust the scope, deadline, or budget of the project as needed, without worrying about legal issues or employee morale.
Expertise. You can access a wide range of skills and talents from our database of freelancers, who have experience and knowledge in your industry or niche. You can also choose the best fit for your project, based on their portfolio, ratings, reviews, and testimonials.
Efficiency. You can get your work done faster and better by hiring a freelancer who can focus on your project without distractions or interruptions. You can also communicate directly with the freelancer, without going through layers of management or bureaucracy.
Affordability. You can save money by paying only for the work that is done, without incurring overhead costs such as office space, equipment, payroll taxes, insurance, or training. You can also negotiate the best price for your project, based on the freelancer’s rates and availability.

Business Benefits.
Take the hassle out of:
  • Labour Law
  • Employment Contracts
  • Unions
  • CCMA

  • Reduce your Monthly processing of:
  • PAYE
  • UIF
  • SDL
  • EMP201/501 Submissions

  • GoFreelance Logo Why use GoFreelance?
    GoFreelance was designed from the outset with freelancers and clients in mind. Search for Freelancers by profession or skill, and you can easily see right from the search page who you are hiring, what their rating is, what skills they have, what skills other clients have endorsed them for, a biography of their work experience, their qualifications, their availability, their location, and their fee!

    We created Milestone payments to enable clients to hire talent without the fear of being scammed, or the freelancer delivering poor quality work, while at the same time, enabling the freelancer to know that they are guaranteed to be paid for the work they do, and get regular payments for tasks as they are completed, while at the same time being incentivised to give the client the best possible work they can deliver!

    We created the rating and review system to allow clients to easily see who is the best talent at the best price. See their star rating directly from the search page, if you like a freelancer’s rating, click on to their profile to see reviews that previous clients have left for the freelancer. Once you have used a freelancer, you can also leave your own ratings and reviews for work a freelancer has done for you!

    We created the skills system to allow the freelancers to easily highlight to the client what they consider themselves to be skilled in, and the experience they have gained though out their working career. Clients are then able to endorse freelancers on their specified skills!

    We created the endorsement system to allow clients to confirm that the freelancer is skilled in their specified industries and fields. See right from their profile what other clients have endorsed them for, and leave your own endorsements for freelancers you have used!

    All this, coupled with a clean, modern design, with searchable jobs, or profiles of freelancers, their location, ratings, and their availability, making finding talent, and work, easier than ever!

    Whether you need a Virtual Assistant, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Marketing specialist, IT Professional, or any other professional service, you can find it on our platform. Don’t wait any longer, start your project today and get it done by a freelancer!
    Search from our database of hundreds of freelancers, or post an job for the project you need done and let the freelancer come to you!
    GoFreelance takes the risk out of using a freelancer by only releasing payments as predetermined Milestones are met!
    For more information about the benfits of using a freelancer on GoFreelance, please visit the How It Works page.
    If you are ready to experience the advantages of using a freelancer, without the risk, Register on GoFreelance today and browse through hundreds of client rated freelancers who are eager to work with you.

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