How it works
The primary function of GoFreelance is to have a database of freelancers, that clients and businesses can search, to find freelancers and independant contractors for the job they need to get done.

When a client finds a freelancer they like, based on profession, skills, experience, ratings, availability etc, they can send a Quote Request directly to that freelancer, or, if the client prefers, they can post a public job on the Job Posts page for any freelancer to apply for!

Clients can't find freelancers that aren't registered, so register today, and wait for the work to find you!
Why GoFreelance?
It's Free!

We don't charge to register as a Freelancer or a Client, so there is zero up front cost or risk! Register as a Freelancer and watch the work come to you, or register as a Client and find great talent at great prices!

You might also ask why GoFreelance when I'm already on an international freelance website? Ask yourself this, do they advertise to local clients? How much work are you missing out on because clients and businesses simply don't know about you and other freelancers? Many clients assume that using a corporate service provider is the only option they have. GoFreelance is marketed to South African businesses, so your exposure will be far greater than any international site will provide! And also, do they offer Milestone payments and the other features that GoFreelance offers?

*We do charge a very small transaction fee (3%) for the platform provided, but we feel this fee is well worth it for the peace of mind and business opportunity that the platform provides. The Freelancer can either accept the fee and keep their rates the same, or they can increase their fee to pass the cost on to the Client, the choice is yours!
The Milestone system is a peace of mind system. The money for the project is paid into an escrow account upfront and released in instalments at predetermined project milestones.

It allows the Freelancer to know that they will be paid at regular intervals for the work they have completed, and allows the Client to know that the Freelancer will only get the money once the Client is happy that the work has been completed to the clients satisfaction.

This eliminates the risk of the Client paying for work up-front, not knowing if it will be done properly or at all, and allows the Freelancer to be ensured that they will be paid for the work provided.

Milestones are configurable per project. The number of Milestones and percentage of the job value is specified by the Freelancer in their quote, and accepted by the Client

To read more about Milestones Click Here

Freelancers please ensure you add your South African banking details under My Account to prevent payment delays. Payments to a non South African bank could incur additional charges and payment delays.
Star Ratings & Reviews
After a project is complete, the Client will be able to submit Ratings, Reviews, and Endorsments of the freelancer.
The rating is a quick way to see how well, on average the Freelancer performs across all their jobs.

The Star Rating system is out of 5 stars.

The review system will allow the Client to write a more detailed review on the project, mention specifics they liked or didn't like, and just give a general review on the experience.

GoFreelance will only allow a Client that has used a Freelancer, to Rate and Review that Freelancer. This will prevent people getting fake reviews to boost their profile.

*Please note only jobs with a value of over R3000 will be able to have ratings and reviews left by the client. This is done to prevent people creating multiple small jobs to boost their ratings.
These are the skills the freelancer feels they are talented in, and will be able to provide excellent service to the client on.
Clients have the option to endorse Freelancers for their skills when they leave a rating and review. An endorsement shows future clients what skills the Freelancer has proved to be good at.

*Please note only jobs with a value of over R3000 will be able to have endorsements left by the client. This is done to prevent people creating multiple small jobs to boost their ratings.
These are the qualifications that the freelancer has obtained. You can easily see what the freelancer has studied and been certified in.
Why LinkedIn?
GoFreelance requires freelancers to use a LinkedIn login to register on the site. This is done to prevent freelancers creating and deleting multiple profiles, if they received a bad review, or star rating for example. While it is possible for a freelancer to set up multiple LinkedIn accounts, it would be very easy to distinguish between a newly created LinkedIn profile, and an established profile.
For The Freelancers
It is common knowledge that working for a company pays far less than the company makes from their employee for their services. Staff are not fairly compensated for their work. People only accept this because it is a stable salary. With GoFreelance you can have a steady supply of work from clients looking for quality work at fair prices!

With our rating and review system, the quality of work you provide is easily visible to potential clients and allows you to charge what you are worth!
For The Clients
Corporate companies have a lot of overheads that need to be covered, which the client ends up paying for, usually at double or even triple what the work is worth. Corporate staff are also not as passionate about their work as a freelancer is, as it is not their business, and the quality of work is often lower due to the staff being forced to service more companies in a shorter period of time.

By using GoFreelance, you are getting someone who knows that this is their ‘business’ and they are more passionate about the work and services they provide. You can finally get quality and reliable work at a fair price!

With our rating and review systems you can easily see the quality of work that a freelancer has provided to clients in the past, and decide for yourself what you are willing to pay, for the work you need done.
Why not go direct?
The more GoFreelance is used, the more clients and freelancers it will attract, making finding freelancers and freelance jobs alike much easier… Everyone wins!

Without going through the GoFreelance portal, you will not be able to build up that flashy Star Rating, show off your brilliant customer Reviews to wow the next potential client, or have a brag worthy list of client Endorsements for people to see what you’re really great at! Remember, your rating, reviews, and endorsements are what will make you stand out from the crowd!

With our Endorsements, Rating, and Review systems, you can have peace of mind knowing you are getting the right freelancer for the job. Add to that our Milestone system, ensuring frequent payments over the duration of the job, and ensuring payments are only made for work that has been done to the clients satisfaction, provides peace of mind to both freelancers, who know the fee is ensured, and clients who know that they will get what they pay for!