For information on how the site works, please refer to the How It Works section.

Are my details safe?
Yes, freelancers log in using LinkedIn, so authentication is done by them.
Job payments are made via EFT, so client bank details are not stored by GoFreelance.
Freelancers bank details are stored to allow GoFreelance to pay the freelancer, but this information is only available to the admins. This is no different to sending someone your bank details when asking them to make an EFT to your account.

How do I submit a new job post?
Under the Jobs drop down, select job posts and click the +New Job post button.

Where do I see jobs that I've accepted and paid for?
Under the jobs drop down, click on Active Jobs. It may take up to 72 hours depending on when the transfer clears.

What if my profession isn't listed?
Please select a similar job title, or Other and email and we'll add your profession as soon as possible!

I got an email saying the quote was submitted, but it's not showing under my job post?
The freelancer has probably deleted or changed a milestone after submitting the quote. Please check back later, or message the freelancer to check that their milestone weights add to 100%.

I'm getting an error User is not allowed when trying to log in. Why has my account been blocked?
GoFreelance will block users found to be posting inappropriate content, or trying to bypass the milestone and payment systems. If you feel you have been blocked by mistake, please email